What is this?

It's somekind of a slowly evolving preview release. The next versions of the Sieve Extension might be capable of parsing and modifing a Sieve Script through a GUI. Therefore the parser needs to understand any existing Sieve script and it's output should produce only valid sieve scripts.

Getting Started?

Click on the link below an the GUI will be loaded.

You edit Scripts by drag and drop as well as clicking on elements. It works like visual code generators. To create new elements just drag them from the sidebar onto your script. Rearanging elements works the same way. Just pick the element and drag it to it's new position. To change an element's content just click on it. The pencil icon indecates if an element can be changed.

Click on "Show/Hide" to display advanced options. You can paste here you own scripts and convert the GUI into a sieve script. Output won't be generated automatically, you need to explicitly click on update script.

This GUI needs an HTML5 and full object oriented JavaScript support! HTML5 drag'n'drop has to be fully supported. Thus it won't work with current IE and Webkit Browsers, as their HTML5 support is too limited or buggy. Newer Firefox Releases work, Opera and Chrome might work but are untested.

Which commands are supported?

Everything defined by rfc3028 and IMAP Flags. That means it will not support any sieve language extension like vaction, regex, body and notify.

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