About What it is

Sieve is a powerful script language for server-side mail filtering. It is intended to be used with IMAP and thus it is widely spread. Many IMAP Server are already sieved, this means capable of running sieve filters. Sieve stores and runs all script on the server-side.

Now there is the dilemma - you have access to a sieved server but, how do you manage your scripts on this server?

You can use telnet for this purpose, but that is fair to uncomfortable, not applicable for a normal user and almost impossible with secure connections. Wouldn't it be great to activate, edit, delete and add sieve scripts with a convenient interface? That is exactly what the Sieve Extension offers...

Status Project Status

The extension is an implementation of the sieve management protocol (RFC 5804). Currently only "SASL Plain", "SASL Login", "SASL CRAM MD5" and "SASL SCRAM SHA1" Authentication mechanisms are supported, others may be implemented on request. Since there have not been any major Bugs, the project can be considered as rather stable.

Bugs Bugs

Please report bugs via the issue tracker at or send an email to schmid-thomas at

Give me 1-2 weeks time for a reply. If you did not receive a reply at all, it might be a good idea to check your spam filter.

License License

The extension is free and open source software, it is made available to you under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3).

Refer to Licensing information for details.